Family Night Movie Night

Every Friday (almost) since I was in the 3rd grade my family and I have had “Family Night Movie Night” (redundant title, sure, I was 8 when I dubbed it such). We keep two other traditions that go along with FNMN: homemade pizza and a chocolate bar for during the movie.

Every weekend this summer I will post our pizza creation. This week I was the “head chef” as my mom wanted me to experiment and learn from any mistakes I made along the way, which turned out to be more than a few. I will also post what movie we watched and my family’s combined rating out of 5 stars.

This week’s pizza recipe wasn’t particularly healthy, and though it was yummy, I’m striving for delicious. As such this post will not include a recipe but rather the success and failures of our pizza.

Over the years my mom has tried several gluten free pizza crust recipes and pre-bought crusts, some have been ok but none have really been all that good, or even similar to pizza crust. Recently she started making Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix if you roll it out pretty thin its really yummy.

Pizza Dough Successes:

  • Super easy to make
  • Relatively easy to roll out

Pizza Dough Failures:

  • Didn’t bake before putting toppings on
  • Could have rolled it even thinner (to about 1/8″)

Pizza Topping Sucesses:

  • Peaches

Pizza Topping Failures:

  • Too much cheese (used grated mozzarella as a base and then goat cheese on one half and blue cheese on the other)
  • Radicchio, Sardines, Onions, Pecans all got lost in the cheese

Based on the childhood  of British chef Nigel Slater, this movie was an understated emotional portrayal of what seemed like could have only been a tragic childhood. We give it 3.5 stars.

’till next week with better pizza,

Eet Smakelijk!


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