Cooking With Friends: Rooibos Tea Roasted Summer Vegetables

This afternoon my absolutely funniest friend, Ida, came over to make a summer dish. Afterwards we went up to the main street near my house for the summer solstice festival, there was live music and yummy food. I asked Ida to do the blog write-up today.

Eet Smakelijk!

Summer squash for the first day of summer! I don’t make more than one plan a day on these relaxing summer days. My one plan for today was to help my good gal pal Caseysimone with her food blog. I’m glad to report that all went according to plan and we made ourselves a yummy snack!

I have read Sunset Magazine maybe three times in my entire life, but one of these times I came across a recipe for “Rooibos tea butternut squash Pizzetas.”  I honestly was probably drawn to the recipe because I love pizza and the word pizzeta seems to come from the root word pizza. spoiler alert: this tastes nothing like pizza. it has nothing to do with pizza at all, but it was a yummy  interesting snack!

We made a lot of modifications in this recipe.

1. We used summer squash to be seasonal and to honor the solstice. Also cause I found some really pretty ones at the Castro farmer’s market i stumbled upon yesterday!

2. The recipe calls for straining the butter tea concoction once heated. Not having a straining tool, we just sprinkled on the tea and butter on the tops of the squash.

3. We used rooibos tea AND lavender.  So fancy.

4. The excellent addition of roasted white radishes.

In the end, I’m not sure we could actually taste the rooibos on the squash. Perhaps we didn’t let it infuse enough? doesn’t matter. The squash was so tender when we took it out of the oven that I declare this food experience a tasty one. If we were to do this again I think we would probably skip the “rooibos infusion” and just roast the yummy summer veggies with a bit of ghee.


4 Summer Squash

1 White Radish

2 Rooibos Tea Bags

1 Tbs Lavender Flowers

1 Tbs Ghee


Pre-heat oven to 420°

In a sauce pan over medium-low heat, melt ghee with the contents of the tea bags and lavender flowers. Once the ghee starts to foam remove from heat and cover for ten minutes.

Line a baking pan with aluminum foil and arrange sliced veggies onto the sheet. Brush tea infused ghee onto sliced veggies and bake in the oven for about 35 minutes until tender.


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