Summer of Food (2012)

Every summer since I was 15, now almost 5 years ago, I have celebrated my birthday with one big dinner with the three most important Fs:  family, friends, and food. Generally about 15-20 people come to my family’s home in San Francisco and the event often goes on for hours, as conversation flows easily. As I have a small nuclear family, these dinners have become a sort of family reunion, and so not only am I excited to see everyone, but they too seem to enjoy catching up and meeting new important people.

Dinner has changed over the years. In the past meals have centered around curry, pesto pasta, muscles, and salad. My parents have always been in charge of organizing dinner, I have aways been in charge of the cake(s).

I have always loved to cook, and have a perhaps even deeper passion for baking. I remember after my family got its first and only video camera in what had to be the late 90s, for it weighed a ton and could not have been shorter than a foot,  I would ask my mom to film my “cooking shows.” Those videos have long since disappeared so I don’t know what my elementary school self loved to cook, but I know she did. And I know I do. I just haven’t  had enough time in the kitchen, what with college dining halls and such.

In the fall I am moving into my very first apartment and have challenged myself to get up to speed while I am home for the summer on what it means to cook for oneself (and for others). Though I may not be a super proficient cook I am a super picky eater and try to only eat what is good for my health. As such I will focus on gluten-free recipes, foods that help with inflammation,  seasonal foods,  poultry and fish.

As I am preparing for my first kitchen I will also be keeping track of the essential and not so essential tools and pantry goods for a kitchen that focuses on healthy eating. I will address some of the controversies in food and cooking, such as non-stick pans, in order to inform both myself and my readers. Friends and family (2 of my favorite Fs) will also be blogging their recipes.

I am beyond curious about shortcuts, tricks, and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me!!


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